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This episode, we're trying something new, this time, a friend of the podcast, John Osberg is going to do the interviewing and his guest today is Pat Whalen, director of TReC a new business incubator in Niagara Falls, NY developed by the Niagara Global Tourism Institute. Pat has a long history of starting businesses and helping other folks start businesses, too and has awesome insights to share.
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Our goal with this podcast to deliver high-quality, actionable tips and advice from business leaders. Advice that will help you succeed. Oh yeah and that video bent - we are going beyond the typical business tips, we are going to explore the use of video with these business leaders too, from marketing to sales, to internal communications - how they use it and how it impacts their businesses. Thanks for tuning in.
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John Osberg: Hi, everyone. Welcome to another episode of the Smarter Business Podcast. I'm John Osberg, a local entrepreneurial business professional. Excited to have Patrick Whalen here of the Niagara Global Tourism Institute, who operates track also coworking space in Niagara Falls, New York. Patrick, welcome. Thanks for being here.
Pat Whalen: Thanks for having me.
John Osberg: All right. So, you know, we're here to talk a little bit about Patrick's background. Learn more about what he's doing in Niagara Falls, New York. Some of things he's done previously in Buffalo, New York, which have all been really exciting things. So, if cool, I'm going to jump right into it, Pat.
Pat Whalen: Sure. Let's go.
John Osberg: So on my list here, first thing I want to do is maybe an introduction personally and professionally on who you are and what you've done. A lot to talk about.
Pat Whalen: When you get old guys on here, it's gonna take a while and get.
John Osberg: A lot of awesome accomplishments though. Pat.
Pat Whalen: Yeah. So. Well, let's start with the present. We just had a soft opening. I call it a soft opening on November 4th of a coworking incubator in Niagara Falls, New York, as you mentioned, called TReC. The Niagara Global Tourism Institute operates it. We have Sherpas.
Pat Whalen: Talk a little bit about the story behind Sherpas. TReC is our name. It does have a meeting, those four letters. We don't tell anybody what it is though. So, we thought about a trek and a trek up Mount Everest. And the more I thought about that, the more we thought, well, this is an interesting thing. How do you get to the top of Mount Everest? So, I did some research and found that on average year twelve hundred people try. Six hundred make it. Six hundred don't. So, lore is that 50 percent of all new businesses fail. So, I thought, well, that's an interesting parallel. And the people that make it to the top of Mt. Everest, all of them have a Sherpa.

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