Tim Bouchard - Partner/CEO - Luminus - Vlogging and Business Growth - Episode 05


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Tim Bouchard, the CEO, and partner at Luminus, an agency that creates meaningful brand development and marketing strategies for businesses.
Tim talks about his experience with vlogging, the growth of his business and Buffalo's first coworking space.
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Our goal with this podcast to delivery high-quality, actionable tips and advice from business leaders. Advice that will help you succeed. Oh yeah and that video bent - we are going beyond the typical business tips, we are going to explore the use of video with these business leaders too, from marketing to sales, to internal communications - how they use it and how it impacts their businesses. Thanks for tuning in.
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Neil Carroll [00:00:06] Hi, welcome to The Smarter Business Podcast. This episode features Tim Bouchard, a partner and the CEO of Luminus. Tim was the president of AAF Buffalo for two years and has recently been named to The Buffalo 40 Under 40. He talks about the early development of his business, his experience with vlogging, and how video, in general, has impacted the growth of his own business. If you like what you hear, please subscribe wherever you're taking in this podcast, and please leave a comment. We're always looking for feedback and this can help people find this show.
Neil Carroll [00:00:45] Welcome to this episode of The Smarter Business Podcast. This month we have Tim Bouchard from Luminus, and Tim, what is your title these days?
Tim Bouchard [00:00:56] I am one of the two partners and chief executive officer.
Neil Carroll [00:01:00] Alright, you may be the first CEO we've had on the podcast. So do you want to tell everybody, Why don't you kind of intro yourself and Luminus?
Tim Bouchard [00:01:12] Yeah, my background in marketing is in the development space and a little bit of design. I went to UB. Been local here in Buffalo f

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