Sneaky Dragon Episode 509


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Hola, Sneakers! Welcome to Episode 509 of the podcast too good to be a podcast.

This week: closer; phoning it in; essential candy; zero taste; the universal sign of dead; meeting hate; numerical confusion; phone sex; phone money; bumbling; tuna for bumblebees; back in time…again; plastic people; comedy violence; flashbacked; recommended: Mr. and Mrs. Murder; the Joe Rogan factor; that snake is so done; consssssssssensual; eventually you’re a meme; the scales of acting; recommended: The Chair; clumsy humanization; reading mood; YA-deprived; recommended: Dream Horse; battery; virtual horror; asking for it; strangely popular; pear nectar; tomato ghosts; remembering Millennium; the hallway of mail or the closet door of treachery; Question of the Week – Sneakers respond; a reward for good acting; morning drain; that most important weapon; David D.enial; love your parents; out of the love loop; to be fair to me; our three day-long episodes; recommended: Francis Ford Coppola’s restoration of The Cotton Club; bummer memory; wrong title; and, finally, love tractor.

Question of the Week: Have you ever canned anything?
Sub-question of the Week: What’s your favourite biography?
Sub-sub-question of the Week: Where do you listen to your podcasts? (We imagine on a tractor like Régis.)

Thanks for listening.

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