EP 95 Photography, Fly Fishing, and Fun with Aidas


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The So Fly Crew sit and chat about the Credit, the fight to save the West Credit, and with friend and photographer Aidas! Aidas really is the newest member to So Fly, having fished and explored with the crew over the last year. From chasing steelhead to looking for trout, Aidas and the crew have been fishing hard locally over the last year. But fishing with Aidas began on the trip to Tulum, where his love for fly fishing was sparked, and the rest fell into place. He's a wicked photographer and one hell of an angler.

Gil's Fly Fishing International: https://flyfishinginternational.com/

FFI Magazine: https://ffimagazine.com/a/volume-1-issue-4/

Drift: https://www.driftoutfitters.com/

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