EP 97 Ontario: Round Two of Esnagami Wilderness Lodge


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The So Fly Crew hit the road and take the show up north - waaaaay up north to Esnagami Lodge in Northern Ontario. Almost exactly a year prior, the crew found themselves fishing the waters of Esnagami Lake for the first time. They returned to fish once more, explore the favourite spots, and of course see some kind, familiar faces. This episode was recorded in cabin 3, live on location after a week of catching walleye, pike and brook trout. Thanks again to Eric, Sue, Liam, Rowan and the entire staff at Esnagami Wilderness Lodge. You are very special people.

We couldn't recommend a trip to Esnagami more. You will catch hundreds of fish (no we are not exaggerating). You will see tons of wildlife. You will have a fantastic, incredible, Northern Ontario experience unlike any other. GO!

VISIT ESNAGAMI: https://www.esnagami.com/

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