34. The #1 thing that's getting our current clients results on social media


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On this episode of Social Strategy Slayer, Jess Jacobsen discusses the number 1 thing that has been getting her clients the best results on social media right now: storytelling. She goes into depth on how because we as humans experience the world through stories, getting vulnerable and sharing yours is actually a very selfless act. Also, stay tuned to hear about how people connecting with you through your story is exactly what you need for them to choose you over the big box gyms & apps.

“One of the things my coach, Jereshia Hawk, shares is: ‘You’re not in business for yourself. You’re in business for your clients.’ So when you tell a story, it can feel selfish, icky and weird. But actually, what it does is it helps our clients connect with us. It’s a very selfless act.”

-Jess Jacobsen

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