E030: GE Invests In Renewable Energy To Grow Its Power Business With Daniel Hullah of GE Ventures


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Who: Daniel Hullah, Managing Director at GE Ventures, focused on investing in the energy space. With a Phd in in Chemistry, Daniel has a unique view of clean energy in addition to 10 years of clean energy venture capital experience. What: How does the grid of the future evolve from central, fossil fuel power plants? We have this discussion during our live recording at SolarWakeup Live! Boston. With several investments in energy storage and grid technologies, Daniel’s looking to grow GE’s footprint in the energy space as it continues to evolve. Your Takeaway: GE is in the middle of a power transition itself with major layoffs announced at the power unit. Power plants are being closed and new builds are slowing due to the major increase of new and cleaner technologies. GE is investing in hardware that is participating in this market and Daniel walks through the thesis on some of those investments. Tickets for SolarWakeup Live! New York at now available, join us on January 31st. Please review the podcast on itunes.com/energywakeup

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