E037: Alfred Griffin - President NY Green Bank at SolarWakeup Live! New York


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What: President of NY Green Bank, Alfred Griffin, Talks Solar Capital and Green Bank Success Summary: During an interview at SolarWakeup Live! New York, Alfred Griffin, the President of the New York Green Bank, gave an overview of the type of work that the Green Bank has been undertaking. The active pipeline is in excess of $500 million and is meant to create a level of comfort with the types of transactions for private capital. Griffin goes into detail on how the bank operates and how solar developers, investors and market participants can take advantage of NY Green Bank’s offerings. SolarWakeup View: The NY Green Bank is one of the highest profile attempts by a Governor to bring capital to the solar market. In 2018, the NY Green Bank is on track to be cumulatively cash positive, meaning the tax payers are off the hook on the overhead expense to running the bank. Griffin makes some news at SolarWakeup Live! when I asked him whether other States should do this as well. The NY Green Bank is on track to offer its services to other States and leverage the experience and overhead expense across State lines.

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