12. Deregulating Energy Monopolies In the Southeast with Mike O'Boyle From Energy Innovation


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In this episode of the SolarWakeup podcast, Yann talks to Mike O’Boyle from Energy Innovation where he is the Director of Electricity Policy. Energy Innovation recently published a report authored by Mike that looks at the southeastern US energy market if it were based on competitive power markets instead of monopolies. The results are as expected, consumers would have cleaner electricity at lower prices while more jobs are created. This RTO would span from Florida to the Carolinas and into the Gulf Coast. These energy service areas are largely served by the largest IOUs in the Country that have incredible regulatory capture. We talk about the politics of implementing this and where it has been done before. If you enjoy this episode, check out our other SolarWakeup podcasts. Please subscribe and leave a 5 star rating for us. You can find Yann on twitter @YannBrandt Energy Innovation Report on Southeast RTO Subscribe to SolarWakeup

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