NJ BPU President Fiordaliso Talks About Climate Change and NJ Clean Energy Policy Implementation


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In this episode of SolarWakeup Live, my guest on the podcast is Joseph Fiordaliso, the President of the NJ BPU. He has been on the board for over a decade and appointed by Governors of both parties. President Fiordaliso joined me on stage in front of a sold out crowd at SolarWakeup Live in Jersey City to talk about the future of solar, energy storage and community solar markets in New Jersey. This episode is presented by PV Pros, PV Pros provides nationwide technical services for investors and asset managers. PV Pros manages your technical needs while you focus on the financial aspects of development, acquisition, and ownership. Their team of professionals offer technical due diligence, inspections and testing, subject matter experts for disputes, preventative maintenance, repairs, and monitoring across the United States. SolarWakeup Live! Jersey City is brought to you by Pfister Energy, Aten Solar, Conti Solar and PV Pros.

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