The Solar Bill of Rights and Solar Rights Alliance with Dave Rosenfeld


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In this episode I speak with Dave Rosenfeld of the Solar Rights Alliance about the bipartisan legislation that was filed in California last week, the Solar Bill of Rights. The bill is California focused legislation but the story rings true across the Country, consumers deserve the opportunity to go solar without obstruction from the electric monopolies putting barriers in the way. Dave runs the Solar Rights Alliance which brings together solar consumers and creates the response mechanism to help the solar industry push politics forward. Much like the NRA, SRA members join (for free) when they go solar and that is where the Solar Rights Alliance partners with solar installers to get customers involved. If we all do this together, installers will have a million solar customers to lean on for political response. This episode is sponsored by UtilityAPI. Get a free data pull for one meter by going to Support our sponsors! Join the Solar Rights Alliance at

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