How I got my dream Tech Career with Mustafa Farah


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Salam Alikum and Ramadan Kareem, we are wishing you all a blessed Ramadan. In this episode, I was really excited to interview Mustafa Farah who is a Senior VP Product Manager at Wells Fargo, Wells Fargo one of the four most prominent financial institutions in the United States. He works closely with commercial banking customers to streamline and automate payables processes and solutions. Mustafa is an API Build & Enablement Leader, Certified Full-Stack Developer, Fintech Monetization Expert and combines software program creation, design, and enhancements in a challenging cross-functional environment. One that utilizes teamwork effort for researching, learning, and developing new high-tech products for clients in the data and financial payments space.” If Mustafa's Story resonates and you are interested in a tech career in product management do connect with him on LinkedIn connect on Instagram @thereal_M00se We LOVE reading your emails /message and thank you so much for supporting us. Please for any feedback, questions, requests and collaboration, please email us at See you next week for another episode.

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