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Kickstarter My Heart - Episode 206 of the Soul Forge Podcast.

This week I am discussing the Kickstarter campaign I have recently launched. This campaign is in support of the toy and antique store I am planning to open in the near future. This is a dream I have had for more than 3 decades. I will detail my plans to you in this episode.

But first I discuss the weather. What is a podcast without a personal weather story? This week has been brutally hot. As a mailman, I work outside for most of my day. We were given an early start option on Monday. A great idea in theory which did not work out so well for me. You will need to hear the episode to find out what happened in my attempt to beat the heat!

Another update is my toy collecting obsession. I am currently in the midst of trying to downsize my collection. As a kid I never got to have my own G.I. Joe action figures. HASBRO has decided to re-release these toys in an all-new 6 inch version. I want them. I don't need them. It's an issue!

The bulk of the episode is taken up by talk of my Kickstarter campaign. I talk about how it works, the reward levels, and my goals. Additionally, I also give a background on my history of being a collector and my sales background.

If you would like to share the Kickstarter link (or donate!) you can do my with this link:

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