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Mighty fine ideas are coming at you left and right on this week's episode of Soul Forge! Brother Robin joins Shawn to discuss so many weird, wacky and wonderful ideas. Although the audio quality this week is not up to our usual standards, there is still a lot of good information to be found. We present some mighty fine ideas indeed!

First we start off with an update on Shawn's business idea. As this episode was recorded on the weekend, more progress has already been made than what is mentioned here. Perhaps next week will have tons more good news!

And then we come to some interesting Robin updates. His life is filled with excitement and adventure. It turns out that Robin has been doing some physical labour. This is quite a departure for him. He is helping his buddy with his lawn care and landscape business. In a surprise twist, he's been working on our other brother's property! Additionally, Robin is still working on his t-shirt and mask making business. And finally, Robin tells us about his wrestling video ideas.

There is actually a lot of information packed into this episode. We talk about life goals, life coaching, and how fear prevents us from doing certain things. We hope you enjoy the mighty fine ideas presented to you this week.

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