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My new business idea is to open a really cool toy store. Actually, this isn't my new business idea. This is something I have dreamed of doing for nearly 30 years. Now feels like the perfect time to launch this passion project.

As far back as I remember, I have been a lover of pop culture. I have also been collecting pop culture items for nearly that long. Recently, I decided it was time to lighten the load. My collection is massive and overwhelming at times. A store front would be an ideal place to sell some of these things that I no longer need or want.

So, my new business idea is to open a pop culture and nostalgia store here in Timmins, Ontario, Canada. Will it work? There is no way to know. Do I want to do it anyway? Yes! Absolutely yes! There are a few hurdles and obstacles to overcome, and yet, I think I have the drive, knowledge and will to persevere and succeed. Only time will tell.

This episode is all about my new business idea. It will give you a brief history of my collecting and selling. Would you like to be my business parter or angel investor?

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