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Brother Robin is back to talk about life, the universe and everything. We are covering the full spectrum on this episode, from Instagram models, to politics, magic mushrooms and more! Whatever you do, never go full willy-nilly!

This episode is meant to be an update on Robin's life. He lives an exciting roller coaster of adventure and excitement. Much like a roller coaster, he always seems to end up where he began. Is the Universe trying to teach him a lesson of some kind? They say you will keep living the same experience over and over again until you learn something. Perhaps Robin is not capable of learning. Over and over again, he returns to the same state of affairs.

We begin by talking about recent world events. US president Trump recently caused all kinds of havoc when he summoned his followers to storm the US Capitol building. Also, many Canadian politicians took trips overseas during the recent COVID lockdown. People in power are simply causing havoc. We ask, is Trump one of the 'great' men of history?

After the politics, we get into the heart of the episode. Robin is once again unemployed. How did this happen again? How is his life coaching going? What about his vending machine empire? So many questions to be answered.

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