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We're talking about all these emotions! As of late, I have been experiencing emotions to a much greater degree than usual. What's this all about? I have no idea! Perhaps aging is to blame. Or perhaps I'm embracing my feminine side. Whatever the cause, all I can say is, "these emotions though!"

For a long time, we thought there were 6 basic human emotions: fear, disgust, anger, surprise, happiness, and sadness. These were suggested by psychologist Paul Eckman in 1972. In the 1980s, Robert Plutchik introduced another emotion classification system known as the "wheel of emotions." This model demonstrated how different emotions can be combined or mixed together, much the way an artist mixes primary colors to create other colors. In 1999, Eckman expanded his list to include a number of other basic emotions, including embarrassment, excitement, contempt, shame, pride, satisfaction, and amusement.

After getting into some listener feedback, we go right into talking about these emotions though! Work stuff makes me irrationally angry sometimes. The good thing is that I am aware of my irrational behaviour. However, I am not always able to control it. So, we are talking about what has been going on at work lately.

We are also talking about how this is the worst pandemic ever. There's been absolutely no fun to be had. Why can't we have zombies to fight? Then we talk about how much I love Star Trek. Trek fulfills so many of my emotional needs. It really is difficult to describe this to a non-fan.

What about my girlfriend Julie? How does she make me feel? How is she so different from anyone I have dated before? Listen to find out!

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