ReV!S!T September 2009 - feat. Kelly Trance [a new Sound and Machine Podcast segment]


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Hey all!

Years ago, before Sound and Machine was "Sound and Machine" this podcast was called "Chicago Tranceformation", and I used to dj under the alias "Zita Zie". It was an amazing time for dance music. Trance dominated, underground parties and mega clubs were a thing, and the electronic music scene was fireworks. So good =)

It was also an era when podcasting was still in its evolving stages and online dance radio stations started to gain major traction: such radio stations were ASOT, ETN,, and many more!

Chicago Tranceformation was syndicated with several, including ETN, but after a wonderful year of doing it, I decided to ease up on the podcasting.

I thought the original hard drive storing these mixes was fried or lost - but I just found it - and had 10 amazing two hour mixes on it featuring various guest DJs from around the world.

Today we are re-broadcasting the September 2009 episode:

1st hour: guest DJ Kelly Trance aka Kelly Goldstein

2nd hour: me as Zita Zie from Chicago

Enjoy the music!

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