Zara Meets Welty - Pandemic Bass Mix 2020 [San Francisco]


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Recorded a mix during lock down to free my thoughts after a day of intensity. Strange times, living during a worldwide pandemic. We are so lucky to have internet and ways to connect with each other despite being far and isolated from each other. Did you know that in 1918 the human population went through something similar? It was called the Spanish flu. Feeling blessed to live in current times vs back then, as we have better medical knowledge and way cooler technology. Enjoy the chill tunes and cant wait to see you in person when the stay home bans are over! I miss the festivals, the night clubs, and most of all you, my community. Cant wait to give hugs to friends and dance together again!!! <3 xoxo Track listing:

  1. Lady Green (Original Mix) by Darklord Gob
  2. Ventral Tegmental (Original Mix) by Chris Komus
  3. To Be the Air (Globular's Viscous Ether Remix) by Desert Dwellers
  4. Refraction Point (MantisMash Remix) by SIXIS
  5. Mantis Sized Minds (Original Mix) by Master Minded, MantisMash
  6. Multiplex (Original Mix) by 5am
  7. One Instance (Original Mix) by Bogtrotter
  8. Vernation by 5am
  9. Mirage (Original Mix) by Pathwey, Saltus
  10. Nocturnivore by AleJo, Vusive
  11. Froth Dimension (Original Mix) by sub.conscious
  12. G-yatr feat. DTO (Original Mix) by Orenda, DTO
  13. Mystic Descent (Original Mix) by Orenda, Equanimous
  14. High Voltage Storms (kLL sMTH Remix) by Ill-Esha
  15. Ubuntu (Original Mix) by Malakai
  16. The Seventh Fold (Original Mix) by Chris Komus
  17. Saigon Haze (Original Mix) by MantisMash
  18. Lake Vostok (Original Mix) by Chris Komus
  19. Outlaw (Original Mix) by Skope, Seppa
  20. This One Sunrise (Govinda Remix) by Govinda, Luke Mandala
  21. Wormhole (5AM Remix) by St4rfox

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