Russell Westbrook to the Lakers, Dak's injury, Rodgers' reworked deal, Ben Simmons


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00:00 Is Russell Westbrook a good fit for the Lakers?

16:34 How big of a setback is Dak Prescott’s injury?

27:36 What do you make of Rodgers’ reworked deal?

39:35 Does Russell Westbrook make the Lakers Finals favorites?

50:33 Do you like Mike McCarthy’s approach to Zeke’s workload?

1:01:10 Would the Sixers be better without Ben Simmons?

1:12:14 How much impact did Rodgers’ summer have in Green Bay?

1:20:10 Can Zach Wilson turn the Jets into a winner?

1:26:52 Who’s the second biggest star on the Lakers?

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