Brand Photographer Jessie Wyman Tells Us What Every Ethical Fashion Biz Needs Before The Next Photo Shoot (Plus, Pivots & Choices)


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Oh the joy and challenge of amazing photography. Visual imagery is queen today, especially considering every brand aiming to grow is basically tasked with becoming its own mini publishing house. Honestly, just think about it: it used to be that brands, well, they sold things. And the media, well, they published things about the things other people made and sold. Today, every brand reaching new audiences is using content to make it happen — and churning out magazine-sized volumes of copy and photography while they’re at it: content for social media, advertising, web sites, newsletters, online events, webinars, pitch decks, podcasts, DIY PR….it’s so much content. You don’t need me to tell you images are a critical part of that content conundrum.

But what I can tell you is this: brand photographer Jessie Wyman is your ethical fashion business’s new best friend in this episode of the Spirit of 608 podcast all about photography, branded photoshoots and balancing the constant need for newness on social media with the reality of, well, the hours most of us have in the day.

Plus, because I love looking behind the scenes into the hows and whats and whens of creative entrepreneurs’ journeys, this conversation is one with lots of takeaways for anyone building a career that offers freedom, flexibility and financial success without the utter burnout so many of run into when getting things off the ground and helping them grow.

Listen to the episode for how to prep for your next photoshoot, what to tell your photographer in advance, why you don’t need to think of social media images as one and done and how to make your creative content work for you instead of the other way around.

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