Does Lebron changing his number signal a return to South Beach? Is College Football Playoff expansion coming?


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In episode 165, Rob and Kristie start off the episode discussing their most recent binge worthy show The Man in the High Castle. Kristie's favorite character is gone from the show and she is conflicted or disappointed he isn't in the story anymore. Rob shares a show he just started Big Shot on Disney plus that stars the "love child" of Rick Pitino and John Calipari, John Stamos. Finally, Rob and Kristie dive into the show with Kristie sharing the recent story of Pat Riley being fined for tampering with Lebron James. Is it a big deal or real tampering what Riley said? Rob then creates a conspiracy that links this story to Lebron James changing his number for next year back to 6. Then they discuss a conspiracy involving Tim Tebow and him wearing the number 85. Listen and hear Rob and Kristie's takes and let us know if you think this conspiracy is real or not. Then Rob shares with Kristie the news out of the NCAA that the playoff expansion committee will be meeting next week to develop an expansion pan for the College Football Playoffs. And as always Rob nd Kristie ends the episode with trivia time.

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