NBA Finals Game 5 review and the true crime story of the sports bag killer


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In episode 175 of Sports Bliss with Rob and Kris, They start the episode discussing a true crime story inspired after watching the most recent episodes of American Horror Stories. Kristie shares the horrific story of the "Sports Bag Killer". At the 12:11 mark, Rob and Kristie then break down game 5 of the NBA Finals. Kristie shares her disdain with the Bucks taking control of this series but Rob unveils key statistics that should've led to a Suns victory. They debate if the Suns can make the necessary adjustments to win this series. Rob also shares with Kristie how Devon Booker And Giannis have had historic games and statistics in this finals series and this years playoffs in general . At the 23:53 mark, Rob and Kristie discuss Tom Brady's MCL injury and how the Buccaneers could be in big trouble with the NFL. Rob asks Kristie if Brady not reporting his injuries is cheating or a big deal or not a big deal. And finally at the 28:57 mark, Rob and Kristie do trivia and a would you rather.

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