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The invention of competition raccoon hunting or nite hunts, as they are commonly referred to, is the most impactful facet of the Houndsman lifestyle. Any and every hound that is being hunted today has been impacted in some way by the competition coonhunting game. Dale and Clel Lee hunted hounds from Elbert Vaughn and Berton Oney. Who hasn’t heard of Dave Dean and his Hammer line of Blueticks? Nance bred hounds, Lipper, Albert bred Black and Tans from Gene Hicks and Warren Haslour and his Smokey River hounds are or were all coonhunters. Even the all American bred Plott hound has been influenced by competition coonhunting.

In this episode of the Houndsman XP Podcast Chris is joined by Josh Micahelis of Big Show Hunting Productions and a well known competition coonhunter. Josh recently published a top ten list of things every coonhunter should know. That list took social media by storm. Chris and Josh discuss each point in depth. After this discussion the excuses are over. This is straight talk about competing with our hounds.

This is a must listen for every coonhunter that has entered a competition coonhound event, those that aspires to and the big game Houndsman that needs to know what is affecting and influencing the hounds we all enjoy.







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