The Fed Talks (About Talking); Tackling Economic Inequality, from Nonprofits to Public Office


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The Federal Reserve has raised its expectations for inflation this year and brought forward the time frame for when it will next raise interest rates: likely in 2023. CNBC’s Ylan Mui digests the Fed meeting and Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s remarks with Becky, Andrew, and Mike Santoli. At CNBC’s annual Evolve Summit, Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO Lauren Hobart explains the pandemic’s impact on her business strategy. In a conversation with Becky Quick, she reflects on the Covid-prompted changes to her company’s trajectory. Former CEO of the NYC-based nonprofit Robin Hood is making a bid for Maryland’s Governor office. Wes Moore, a combat veteran and author, discusses eliminating economic inequality through philanthropy and public office. Plus, Microsoft is doubling down on Satya Nadella’s leadership, and Democrats are sticking to their commitments to fight climate change as they negotiate the infrastructure bill on the Hill.

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