What’s in a Mandate? Vaccine Politics


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The U.S. is reporting an average of about 362,000 booster vaccine shots administered per day over the past week, 57% higher than the 231,000 average daily first doses. A key FDA advisory panel is meeting today and tomorrow to discuss the efficacy and safety of extra doses of the Moderna and J&J vaccines. Shellye Archambeau, former MetricStream CEO and Verizon, Okta and Nordstrom board member, discusses how Covid-19 has disrupted the workplace. Carlos Gutierrez, Empath co-founder, former commerce secretary and former Kellogg CEO, and Hubert Joly, former Best Buy CEO, advise CEOs to navigate Covid-19 vaccine requirements while keeping workers safe. Plus, CNBC’s Ylan Mui reports millions of women are missing from the U.S. workplace, and schools reopening in September didn’t help.
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