Ep. 50 2019 Market Update


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In this episode, Realtor Adam Kruse and Realtor Shannon St. Pierre gives their 2019 market update and predict what the market will look like this year. Is it better to buy a house now or wait until spring? Also, Mortgage Broker John Charlton of USA Mortgage gives his Mortgage Market Minute update.


Host - Adam Kruse https://hermannlondon.com/realtor/adam-kruse/

Shannon St. Pierre https://hermannlondon.com/realtor/shannon-st-pierre/



Website http://hermannlondon.com/

Producer - Joey Vosevich

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0:30 Mortgage Broker John Charlton of USA Mortgage gives his Mortgage Market Minute update on the rates and predictions for home prices for 2019. Contact John by calling 314-517-0262

1:49 Adam Kruse and Shannon St. Pierre introduce themselves.

2:35 Will interest rates and home prices go up in 2019?

2:45 There were 4 interest rate increases in 2018

3:18 Interest rates were 18% in 1980

4:05 Will there be less buyer competition if home prices rise?

4:15 Is it a buyer’s market or a seller’s market in early 2019? What is housing inventory in early 2019?

5:30 Did only turn-key houses sell fast in 2018? How well did outdated houses sell in 2018?

7:10 How does Adam use the words “pretty” and “updated” when describing homes?

8:10 Are there more savvy buyers who are willing to wait for a good deal?

8:45 Are wholesalers charging too much for homes lately?

9:28 Is rehabbing homes starting to become riskier?

10:30 Does giving a credit instead of replacing and updating things like carpet and paint work when selling a home?

12:00 Can you go into the carpet and paint store and just ask for the most popular color?

13:09 Has the strong economy translated to real estate?

14:30 Why haven’t Adam and Shannon sold their latest investment houses yet?

16:00 Should Adam wait for the market to crash before buying more investment properties?

16:30 What are Freddie Mac and the Realtor Association’s predictions for 2019 and 2020?

17:10 How much have home values appreciated in 2018 and how much will it increase in 2019?

18:05 Will builders build more higher end new homes in 2019 or will they need to be more moderate?

19:49 What countertop is in the highest demand as of 2019?

21:00 What part of St. Louis will there be the most new homes built in 2019?

21:28 What is in-fill when it comes to real estate?

22:00 What is a spec as it refers to real estate?

23:30 If you are looking to buy in 2019 should you get your rate locked in now?

23:59 Contact Shannon at 314-583-0070 or Shannon@LivingTowerGrove.com

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