Ep. 59 Short Term Vacation Rentals with Alex Zemianek of JZ Properties


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In this episode, Realtor Adam Kruse and Realtor Shannon St. Pierre talk to Alex Zemianek, the founder and owner of JZ Vacation Rentals, a full service short term vacation rental property management company. Find out how JZ Vacation Rentals can list your rental properties on tons of websites like AirBNB, HomeAway, and VRBO all at once without accidentally double booking them AND potentially quadrupling your income.


Host - Adam Kruse https://hermannlondon.com/realtor/adam-kruse/

Shannon St. Pierre https://hermannlondon.com/realtor/shannon-st-pierre/

Alex Zemianek - https://www.jzpropertiesstl.com/about-jz-alexzemianek


Producer - Joey Vosevich

Theme Song by Trastornobeats

0:40 Adam introduces Realtor Shannon St. Pierre

0:48 Adam introduces Alex Zemianek

2:14 What is a short term vacation rental and what is Air BNB? What is an OTA (online travel agency)?

3:29 What is the homesharing industry?

5:38 How do you get your property on multiple short term vacation rental sites? What is homeaway.com and vrbo.com?

6:50 If your property is listed on multiple short term vacation rental sites how do you manage the calendar for all of them? How do you avoid a double booking on your short term vacation rental?

7:40 How did JZ Vacation Rentals get started?

10:10 Is it twice as much work dealing with the turnover of a short term vacation rental property compared to a long term lease? Who cleans a short term vacation rental property?

13:05 What type of people are attracted to short term vacation rental properties?

13:46 What does JZ Vacation Rentals do?

16:38 What does it mean to co-host a short term vacation rental property? What does it mean to professionally market and manage a short term vacation rental property?

19:57 What cities does JZ Vacation Rentals manage properties?

21:07 What are the benefits of direct booking with JZVacationRentals.com vs using AirBNB.com or Homeaway.com? Why is a direct booking cheaper?

23:50 How does the first phone call with a potential short term vacation rental host go?

27:27 What is Air DNA software and how does it help calculate short term vacation rental prices?

29:00 How does JZ Vacation Rentals make money subleasing someone else's property?

31:30 How does JZ Vacation Rentals handle profit sharing?

32:30 How can JZ Vacation Rentals offer to replace their fee or it’s free?

33:40 What is the triple sheet method and why do hotels use it? Why don’t guests trust big bed comforters?

34:50 What is a standard Air BNB rate?

36:00 What happens to the cleaning fees and taxes that a guest pays on a short term vacation rental?

37:48 How does St. Louis city currently feel about short term vacation rentals and AirBNBs? What is the STL STR (St. Louis Area Short Term Rental Association) https://stlstr.org/?

41:50 What is on the JZ Vacation Rentals YouTube Channel and https://jzgivesback.org/

46:00 Are there hotel lobbyists against short term vacation rentals?

46:53 Do short term vacation rental guests steal stuff? What is a short term vacation rental damage waiver?

53:58 Contact JZ Vacation Rentals by going to https://jzvacationrentals.com/, sending an email to info@JZVacationRentals.com, or by calling 314-449-6565

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