Ep. 64 Kevin Kelly of Snake Bite Co. and Anti- Agency on Living Where You Work


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In this episode, REALTOR® Adam Kruse and REALTOR® Shannon St. Pierre talk to Kevin Kelly, the owner of Snake Bite Co. and Anti- Agency. Find out what Kevin was thinking when he bought a mixed use property to serve as both his home and office and how he gets the most productivity out of his day.

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Shannon St. Pierre-https://hermannlondon.com/realtor/shannon-st-pierre/

Kevin Kelly of https://snakebiteco.com/ and http://www.anti-agency.org/



Producer - Joey Vosevich

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1:42 Adam introduces Kevin Kelly, the owner of Snake Bite Co. and Anti- Agency

1:56 Adam helped Kevin buy a building 7 years ago

2:44 Kevin started Snake Bite Co. 6 years ago

3:06 Custom wholesale is a big part of Snake Bite Co.

4:05 Adam and Kevin did an event on Cherokee where Adam was giving away coozies while Kevin was selling his

4:40 Definition of Perfunctory

6:00 Snake Bite Co. started by making over designed bottle openers

8:35 Adam didn’t know whether to show Kevin commercial properties or funky houses

10:52 Kevin has filmed commercials in his home

11:50 The public office idea fell away after 2 years

13:37 Kevin had to strategize how to stop people from wasting his time by taking less meetings

15:03 Kevin has a system to his day that includes avoiding his phone and reading a book

16:30 Kevin’s problem with pop psychology self-help books and why he often prefers fiction

18:55 Going to a coffee meeting doesn’t mean you furthered your business

19:49 Kevin quit his 60 hour a week art direction job when he was 25

22:22 Adam has friends who works from home but are tracked by mouse movement and phone calls

23:35 “You won’t be happy until you work for yourself but I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody”

24:10 What are vacations like when you work for yourself?

26:18 What happens when no one expects you to be at the office?

29:58 “Being productive is a form of meditation”

31:44 Kevin never takes his laptop out of his office room

39:20 “Time is the most precious currency that people give away so freely”

39:40 Will the Corona Virus cause more people to work from home?

40:35 Kevin hates video conferencing but currently likes https://whereby.com/

42:15 Kevin used to lie and say Anti- Agency was 9-15 people but it was just him

44:00 Finding good employees is the hardest thing to do

47:44 Listen to the Anti- Podcast http://podcast.anti-agency.org/

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