Ep. 70 How Moving Affects Kids with Licensed Professional Counselor Lindsay Walter of EmotionalGrowthSTL


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In this episode REALTORS® Adam Kruse and Shannon St. Pierre talk to family and child therapist Lindsay Walter about how to help a child deal with the stress of moving to a new town. Find out ways to help your child say goodbye to their friends, even during a pandemic.

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Adam Kruse-https://hermannlondon.com/realtor/adam-kruse/

Shannon St. Pierre-https://hermannlondon.com/realtor/shannon-st-pierre/

Lindsay Walter - https://emotionalgrowthstl.com/staff/lindsay-highres/


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0:45 Adam introduces Lindsay Walter, MA, LPC

1:13 Shannon is in the middle of a big move to a new town and her 9 year old daughter has not been taking it well

2:50 Shannon's daughter really doesn't like people coming into the house and looking through her room

4:00 Where to start the conversation about moving with your child

4:35 How do you make it so the kids know that the family is a team?

5:00 How did Shannon's daughter know that people were coming into her room?

5:58 Meet the child with empathy instead of jumping right into fix-it mode

8:00 Shannon's daughter is refusing to declutter

12:00 Shannon's daughter doesn't want to leave her underwear at the house when she is not there

17:28 Shannon's daughter hasn't really been able to say goodbye to her school friends because of the pandemic

19:30 Take pictures and videos with the child and put them into a digital scrapbook showing all the people and places that they loved

22:00 Have a goodbye moving day ceremony to thank the house for all the ways it served the family

23:30 How to acclimate to the new place.

27:30 There is a home inspection company that will verify that the home is monster free

30:30 Shannon's daughter loves this book where the only way to get rid of monsters is to kiss and hug them

31:30 What should parents be doing to the home so their child can succeed during quarantine?

36:36 Shannon feels that moving to an unfamiliar state and being forced to isolate is a recipe for disaster

39:00 Is it okay for children to bond with their friends over video conferencing apps?

42:30 What kind of families does Lindsay usually work with at Emotional Growth STL?

46:55 How do you teach a child coping skills?

48:30 How do you talk to a child who is having a meltdown?

53:28 Contact Lindsay by going to EmotionalGrowthSTL.com

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