Ep. 72 "Driving for Dollars" Software with Matt Kamp of DealMachine.com


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In this episode REALTOR® Adam Kruse talks to Matt Kamp, the VP of Partnership at https://dealmachine.com/, about their real estate investment software. Find out how DealMachine can make finding a property owner's contact information infinitely easier and why DealMachine's direct mail postcards and ballpoint pen written letters lead to higher response rates.

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3:43 What is DealMachine and how does it help real estate investors?

4:32 Where did the idea for DealMachine come from? What does the term “driving for dollars” mean?

5:29 How does taking a picture of a property pull up contact information from public databases

5:55 How does DealMachine help investors contact absentee owners?

6:30 How does the free CRM (customer relationship management) in DealMachine help keep everything organized?

7:05 How does DealMachine’s list engine work?

8:05 Adam feels REALTORS® fall in 3 categories when it comes to getting new leads

11:50 Including a recent picture on postcards has a much higher response rate

12:38 A ballpoint pen written letter gets a higher response rate and can be ordered through DealMachine

14:00 Before software was available, driving for dollars was very inefficient for Adam

15:00 You can set up investment criteria ahead of time so only the most desired properties are highlighted

16:15 What is the difference between a cold call and a warm call?

18:35 What have become the most popular features of DealMachine?

21:20 How does the skip-tracing feature of DealMachine provide potential phone numbers for properties?

24:30 How much real estate investing has Matt Kamp personally done?

28:36 What is Matt Kamp’s contact information?

29:00 What do I become a DealMachine affiliate?

29:30 What states use Deal Machine the most?

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