2022 Magic 8-Ball Predictions + Health Tips From Angelo Poli


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Ever wish a cheap plastic toy from Walmart could tell you the future? We sure do! And we try every year. It's our annual Magic 8 Ball episode today with Paula Pant, Len Penzo and OG. Each year, we ask the Magic 8 Ball (yes, really, the one you can buy at Walmart) riveting questions for the upcoming year then reflect back on those questions at the end of the year. Today, we run through the answers to our questions from last year and ask new questions for 2022. How will the Magic 8 Ball perform this year? We'll find out!

In the middle, Angelo Poli from MetPro also joins us to share the best tips to get -- and stay -- in shape in 2022! Many of us have tried a new diet or exercise program but rarely stick with it long-term. Angelo explains why and offers tips to help overcome that struggle.


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