M Is For Money (with Rob Phelan) and E Is For Ed Slott's Roth IRA Tips


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F is for Fun. And we have a ton of fun today talking to Rob Phelan about his new children's book M is for Money. He was inspired by reading with his own son and realizing there weren't any books on the market that teach basic personal finance to kids. Even if you don't have kids yourself, this book might be a great gift for a kid in your family. We also dive into financial literacy in general and why so few programs are successful. If you have any interest in improving the money habits of the people around you, we've got you covered.

During our headline segment, IRA and tax expert Ed Slott joins us to talk about a five billion dollar Roth IRA! That's right, Peter Thiel's Roth IRA balance is over a cool five b's at this point. Ed helps explain how it happened and what changes Congress might make to prevent this in the future. For many who dream about crypto riches, can you replicate Thiel's feat (or score a measly 2-3 million) in YOUR Roth IRA? We'll ask Ed about that as well.

We'll also throw out the Haven Life line to Justin who wrote in to our basement Facebook group to ask about how much to gift his niece for graduation (we have some great ideas and alternatives to monetary gifts!). And of course we'll leave time for Doug's amazing trivia.


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