Restaurants, Your Health, and Your Wallet (with Corey Mintz)


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How much thought do you put into where your food comes from and how the employees at your favorite restaurant are treated? If you're like most of us, probably not much. Corey Mintz is a former cook turned food writer and he is pulling back the curtain on some of the most pressing issues facing your waistline, your wallet, and the health and wallets of restaurant employees. How can we be more informed and spend our money more wisely by choosing restaurants that align with our values? Corey is here to help point us in the right direction!

Good news for some savers! During our headline, we'll give you the deets on retirement plan contribution limits for 2022. The IRS updated some, but not all, contribution limits and we'll break it down. We'll also answer Tabitha's question about selling items on Ebay. Will she be taxed on the gains from the sale? We'll share! And Doug will enlighten us with his trivia question.


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