Train Your Brain For Better Money Results (with Dr. Joe Cardillo)


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Do you have too many priorities and not enough time in the day to tackle them all? Struggling to get motivated for 2022? Help is on the way today from Dr. Joseph Cardillo, who'll help you build better muscles in your brain. He's an expert on motivation and attention and shares the reasons behind some of the successful habits we all practice now every day. Have you ever been driving and suddenly realized you zoned out for a few minutes? It's pretty common, and actually uses the same mechanisms we use for all of these successful auto-pilot moments throughout our day. He'll share how to reset your mind and use habits to your advantage to be more productive.

In our headline segment, we'll talk all things inflation. Is this latest price balloon transitory or here to stay? We'll share our thoughts and how you can combat it with your investment portfolio. We'll also answer Tusk's question about his fixed income allocation and Doug will share his trivia.

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