Be Worthy of Trust Like Andrew Gowasak


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Andrew Gowasack is the type of startup CEO that understands the value of listening. Throughout his informative conversation with Roshawnna, Andrew reiterated this point throughout various contexts within his founder journey. In many ways listening is the foundation of Trust Stamp. Andrew talks about the incredible importance of customer discovery and how the diligence that he and his business partner put into this in the early stages has reflected in the market fit that Trust Stamp has been able to demonstrate. Rather than tell the customer what they should want, Andrew and his team at Trust Stamp have done the work to understand their customer’s needs. Through what Andrew describes as ‘micro-services’ Trust Stamp has created a rock solid service that continues to grow at an incredible rate.

Andrew is an engaging speaker with thoughtful insights to share about the founder journey. His conversation with Roshawnna is peppered with helpful tips aimed at helping the listener to be the most successful person that they can be, in any endeavor. A must listen!

Andrew and Roshawnna Discuss:

  • 2:00 -- Andrew tells us about his background and how Trust Stamp began.
  • 3:30 -- Andrew talks about his relationship with mentors.
  • 4:30 -- Andrew digs into the details of Trust Stamp.
  • 5:00 -- Andrew describes how Trust Stamp allows people to own their data.
  • 7:00 -- Andrew discusses some aspects of Trust Stamp that have generated excitement for him and his team.
  • 9:30 -- Andrew talks about the incredible importance of customer discovery.
  • 10:00 -- Andrew discusses the difficulty of recognizing that a team member was a poor fit and how he dealt with this.
  • 11:00 -- Andrew relates his tactics for team building.
  • 12:30 -- On having the courage and the discipline to maintain the core tenets of your company vision.
  • 13:00 -- On how Andrew knew that he was meant to be an entrepreneur and how he coaches himself through the tough times.
  • 14:30 -- Andrew relays the importance of staying committed to the overall vision.
  • 15:30 -- Andrew discusses some aspects of his former career that have carried him in to entrepreneurship, including the importance of relationship building.
  • 17:30 -- How Andrew provides continued value for his clients through honesty.
  • 18:30 -- Andrew’s alternative views on gaining funding.
  • 20:30 -- Andrew talks about the concept of ‘sovereign or royal’. The decision needs to be made about what is prioritized, independence or wealth.
  • 24:30 -- Andrew describes the unique nature of Trust Stamp’s ‘micro-services’.
  • 28:10 -- Andrew talks about the go-to book to read for a startup founder.
  • 30:00 -- On maintaining a balanced lifestyle while continuing forward with your drive and vision.

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