EnrichHER Edition: MiniCity with India Hayes and Anita Jones


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On this EnrichHer edition episode of StartUp Funding hosted by Dr. Roshawnna Novellus we have co-founders of Mini-Cities, Anita and India who share with us how they met each other and why they decided to be entrepreneurs. They both met each other while working at CDC and decided to go into business together.

Anita and India who are Atlanta natives have been working with the homeless for some time before they decided to start their own business. They both explain to us how a person may become homeless, why homeless identification is important and give surprising examples of what may cause a person to be homeless.

They also share information about recent happening with Mini-Cities that is making them excited. Anita and India also share what success with Mini-Cities means to them in terms of the amount of people they are able to help and the global reach of their brand. They explain how their work with Mini-Cities has been impacting Atlanta in terms of creating economic opportunities for people in need.

Anita and India explain what readers and viewers can do to help ensure that their humanitarian business of eradicating homelessness becomes a success and information on joining or sponsoring their group.

Roshawnna Novellus, Anita and India discuss:

[01:50] Anita and India share how they met each other and why they decided to become entrepreneurs.

[02:41] Anita and India tell us why homeless identification is important.

[04:08] Anita and India share with us what is going on at Mini-Cities that has got them excited.

[05:00] Anita and India tell us what success in Mini-Cities looks like to them.

[05:50] Anita and India explain how Mini-Cities has been impacting Atlanta.

[06:51] Anita and India explain what viewers and listeners can do to help ensure their humanitarian business is a success.

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