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Chris Saad – Former Head of Product, Uber Development Platform.

Chris is an Australian living and working across Brisbane and San Francisco. Formerly the Head of Product at Uber Development Platform, this highly driven entrepreneur is also a strategic advisor, product developer, author and pod-caster.

The self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur received accolades from Anthill when he was featured in 30 Under 30. Chris was described as, ‘one of Australia’s most impressive young web entrepreneurs”. His idealization and dedication to web standards was touted as having a, “profound impact on the evolution of media in the digital age”. He was applauded for his contribution to the industry when he was named in the Advance 50 for the Future list which honours Australians that have generously given back in supporting growing companies.

His 14 years across the startup ecosystem saw him build several companies including Echo (Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer), Faraday Media (Co-Founder and Director), RedShift (Founder/CEO) and Radioactive (Founder). Adding to his list of achievements was when he co-founded the DataPortability Project and his co-authoring of Backplane Protocol.

He is also the writer of an amazing book series " Leadership lens", which he describes as The playbook for being an intentional and impactful leader. In his conversation he explains how The Leadership Lens helps you see the world the way leaders do. And that this book will provide concise, pragmatic insights into how leaders think and act - their lens - from the ground up; and give you actionable advice on how to implement their strategies in your own daily life.

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(Interviewed by Chris Joannou @DREAMPUSHERS).

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