S2 E31: The Crunchiest Place in Denver, The Granola Palace, Nurture Wellness!


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On today's episode of Stoned Appetit, Kip sat down with two of the founders of the now-proclaimed Granola Palace of Denver, The Nurture Wellness Center, Kelly Campbell & Peter Strauss. Nurture is the newest look of what a Home for the Whole Human looks like. From cafe + full bar to acupuncture, or workout class to chakra alignment.. they have something to satisfy your whole soul. Think community workspace with salons, spas, workout gyms & restaurant all under the same roof. Great concept & we had to talk with the people who came up with the genius concept. Great episode talking about everything from Batman movies to Grateful Dead and peppered in the middle are solid conversations about their business & building! Tune in, swing thru their restaurant & bar, sign up for one of their many classes/courses! Cheers

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