SDN116: Highly Productive Habits That Will Make You More Money


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Are you tired of being just an observer of life? This video is for you if you want to change and transition your mind and body, live more fully, get in better shape and sustain good habits in the long term. What You Will Discover: ✔️ Why you may be spending time on OPP. You get ten emails upon waking up in the morning, is your reflex to answer and resolve those issues? Then you are living your life based on other people's priorities. It would be best first to do what is essential to you, like meditating, taking your vitamins, stretching, hydrating, and everything else necessary to start your day or the week powerfully. ✔️ As you start building habits, treat yourself like a seven-day machine, not a five-day machine. If you choose to get up early, eat a certain way, or start any new thing to make your life better, do it for the rest of the week. These are lifestyle habits, not something that you're going to do and then take a break. ✔️ Don't rest on your purpose. Remember, you are on this planet for bigger things, and so you are going to have to stretch yourself (even on Saturdays and Sundays!) because while everyone else is sleeping, you're going to be awake working on the important stuff. ✔️ If your body is not in a peak state — nothing else matters. You can't work on your work, business, or finances if you're chowing down a half-gallon of ice cream every night with sugar dragging down your energy levels. So put your health on top priority. Got VALUE from this episode? Let's take your success to the next level! Stop Doing Nothing offers a coaching plan that is designed and delivered based on your unique needs/goals. If you want to innovate and grow faster, start acting today. Learn more about business mastery, generating wealth, personal development, and many more. You get to pick your transformation! Remember, action is the great thing that separates the average from the great. Training: Instagram: Twitter: Wear it: Facebook: iTunes: LinkedIn: Join our Empire Builders: How to Build a Thought Leader Lifestyle Facebook Group at Spotify: YouTube: Stitcher: Amazon:

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