Fall / Winter 2021 | A conversation with Gretchen Heinen


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Gretchen Heinen is the founder of the Net Worth It Podcast and School, the leading faith-based business school as they turn their ideas into legacy businesses and overcome financial limiting beliefs.

She is a leader in the international health community, Find Your Fit, and supports godly women to meet their financial goals. She allows God to lead her businesses and believes our true potential is unleashed when we take our spiritual callings and execute on them.

In this episode, Gretchen discusses how she transitioned from a successful nursing career, to entrepreneurship while maintaining the balance of being a full time mum, step-mum and foster mum.

Other areas we chat about:

  • Trauma and its lasting effects on the nervous system
  • Nervous system regulation
  • Spiritual hygiene and practices
  • International health community
  • Faith-based business
  • Turning ideas into income

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