SftR 064: Caravanning as a Solo Traveler with Marshall Wendler from Camp Addict


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Marshall Wendler has been full-time RVing since April of 2014 in his Lance travel trailer. Having felt the nomadic pull for most of his adult life, he decided to act on it after finding himself widowed in his early 40's. Marshall shares his love of the RVing lifestyle through Camp Addict, an RV product education website.

He enjoys boondocking and traveling at a leisurely pace. Marshall describes himself as "a working man with a changing backyard". He doesn't feel the need to be in tourist mode all the time because RVing is his lifestyle, one which he plans to continue for a very long time.

In this episode, Sam chats with Marshall about moochdocking, caravanning as a solo traveler, and running a business on the road.

Some highlights from this episode:
  • 1:30 - Moochdocking and boondocking
  • 4:00 - Journey to full-time RVing and RV community
  • 9:30 - Co-founding Camp Addict
  • 17:00 - Memorable moments from the road
  • 22:00 - Surprisingly awesome places to visit

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