StfR 037: Josh and Kali of The Freedom Theory


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Josh and Kali have been living the RV life since January of 2015. After a rough 2014—facing health issues and seeing Josh's dad face a double bypass surgery—they decided it was time for a change. Every year they reevaluate their goals and January 2nd, 2015 they realized their goals were too big for the typical "American Dream." Josh brought up the idea of RVing on a whim and Kali, to his surprise, said she was in! By the end of January they were living in and renovating their first RV. Three and a half years later they have welcomed their first child, Landyn, into their lives. The RV lifestyle for them has allowed them to see amazing sites and helped them reach their goal of putting family first. Subscribe to their news letter for updates on their forthcoming book: Follow Kali's new channel on motherhood and get updates on her clothing line: Follow their adventures here: Some topics we covered:
  • 1:26 - Traveling with a newborn
  • 7:25 - Changing RVs
  • 9:57 - The Freedom Theory’s upcoming projects.
  • 16:14 - Josh and Kali’s RV beginnings.
  • 25:57 - The reality of full-timing.
  • 31:43 - Stories from the Road
  • 37:21 - What is next for The Freedom Theory?

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