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I'm popping in with a quick announcement to invite you to my FREE mini masterclass/champagne happy hour!

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I don't think I knew over 13 years ago that I was building a brand when I started The Champagne Diet blog. I was simply expressing myself to the world, sharing the things that I loved (like my passion for champagne, Chanel, and the celebration of life), and bringing others along with me as I created something fun and unique. Now I bet when you have a glass of champagne, you can't not think of me ;) In my now nearly decade and a half of doing what I do, I have become passionate about personal branding and the mindset needed to create a memorable one that has a massive impact and brings in massive income. That's why I'm so thrilled for tomorrow's FREE mini masterclass where I'll be sharing a sneak peek of my brand new course ICONIC. To be honest, this course began as a personal branding course, but has evolved into SO much more. If you're an entrepreneur (at any level) who is ready to: Gain total clarity on your brand vision so you no longer feel overwhelmed, blocked, or stuck. Cultivate the confidence to raise your prices, ask for the sale, and share your offerings and products with passion and certainty. Raise your vibration and establish new beliefs around what is possible for you. Truly know your worth, what you bring to the table, and develop the discernment to know what serves you and what does not in your life and your business. Then you cannot miss this FREE event on Tuesday, 10/5 at 4 PM ET.

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