11 Eternal Marketing Truths That Can Help You Grow A Strong Business with Brian Kurtz


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“Eternal marketing truths… really? Isn’t that a bit of a hyped up exaggeration?” Not when they’re coming from Brian Kurtz — our special guest on today’s episode of the podcast. You see, Brian is not your garden-variety marketer. He’s more of a living legend. Dare we say the Michael Jordan or Tom Brady of the marketing world? Whichever analogy you want to go with, here’s what you need to know: Brian has a storied career that spans 40+ years across 5 decades. His marketing strategies have helped sell over a billion dollars worth of books, information products, and recurring subscriptions. Now it’s his mission to teach and transmit the timeless truths of marketing he’s discovered to the next generation of entrepreneurs and business owners. And that’s one of the reasons we’re so excited to share this episode with you. The second is because Brian is an extraordinary person who embodies his core values and practices what he preaches: -Generosity -Relationships -& Overdelivery In our conversation, Brian cracks open his vault of marketing wisdom and shares at least 11 timeless marketing truths with you. Truths you can use to build lasting relationships with your customers, sell more products and services, and grow a powerful and ethical business. Plus, we explore the importance of recurring revenue and detail ways you can optimize the systems in your business to increase member retention and boost lifetime customer value. If this is your first time meeting Brian, then we’re grateful for the opportunity to introduce you. If you’re already familiar with him, then you already know why this is an episode you won’t want to miss.

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