How Kim Werker Launched A Member-Supported Magazine During The Pandemic


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Kim Werker is our special guest on today's episode of The Subscription Entrepreneur Podcast. Kim is the co-founder of Digits & Threads. They're a member-supported online magazine that’s solely focused on publishing stories and articles about the Canadian fiber and textile arts industry. Yep... She took that whole "pick a niche" thing pretty seriously! Kim joins us on the show today to share the exciting story of how she and her business partner started Digits & Threads back in May of 2020. We discuss how the limitations and constraints posed by the pandemic were actually a good thing that helped her make strategic choices that led to meaningful progress. Plus, Kim shares the exact strategies she used to enroll her first 148 founding members and prove that her idea for a member-supported magazine was also a viable business. Kim is full of insights, energy, and enthusiasm and we can't wait for you to hear her fresh perspective on memberships and entrepreneurship.

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