The Fun Way To Build A 7-Figure Business with Jordan Gray


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Let's play a quick word association game: When you think about building your business, what thoughts, feelings, and ideas come to mind for you? Would you say it's... + Exciting + Rewarding + & Challenging? Or maybe you'd describe it as... + Trying + Stressful + & Exhausting? To be honest, the reality of starting and growing a business is a big blend of all of these. And yet, our special guest on today's episode of the podcast — Jordan Gray — chose a different word to describe the "gestalt" of his entrepreneurial journey. What word is that? You guessed it: FUN. If you're not familiar with Jordan, he's a relationship coach, writer, and online course creator. Over the past 8 years, he’s built a very successful online business that's reached over 80 million readers, generated multiple seven figures in revenue, and transformed the lives of 10,000+ students. (all while having a lot fun in the process) We are really excited to share our conversation with you today for one reason in particular: You see, most of the time when Jordan appears on a podcast, he's there to talk about dating, relationships, and intimacy. This makes sense since he's an expert in these areas... ...but almost no one takes the time to ask him about his business. And that’s what today's episode is all about. You'll learn about Jordan and hear the story of how he found joy in building his business from the ground up. We're grateful for everything that Jordan shares and sincerely hope you enjoy our conversation.

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