The Smart Way To Sell Your Business with John Warrillow


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John Warrillow is our special guest on today's episode of The Subscription Entrepreneur Podcast. If you're not familiar with John, he's the best-selling author of three books that are "must reads" for anyone in the membership or subscription world. More than that, he's an expert in helping entrepreneurs design, build, and scale truly valuable businesses. You know... the kind that can be sold for life-changing amounts of money. And that's what today's episode is all about. In our conversation, John reveals why recurring revenue businesses are so attractive to potential buyers. And we explore what the process of selling a business actually looks like. John’s a wealth of information and shares many real-life stories of people who have built and sold their own membership and subscription businesses. Plus, you'll discover some practical steps you can take to get your business ready to sell and the biggest mistakes you should avoid in the process. Even if you never plan on selling your business, this episode is full of insights and advice that can help you make it as valuable as possible.

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