Slinky Dress of Mourning


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This week, we took the final cinematic plunge into the Firefly 'verse with a viewing of the movie, Serenity.

Josh and Kylie talk us through their emotions, wishes, and laments at the culmination of the series, and what it feels like to be at the end of their first-ever Firefly viewing experience.

The crew lets all their love for the show and our fans flow, and we can't wait to see you next season for the Sudden but Inevitable Rebop!

Shepherds of Shine: Rosalita9899, Saxon1014, Kap_DK, CaliDali_Art, Glitter_Rock, Popdalock, NextOnStageOne

Special thanks this week to Josh for editing the show, I couldn't have asked for a better First Officer, my friend.

Did you know there will be more opportunities next season to become a Shepherd of Shine? There will be a new, thematically appropriate name to be handed out and the Captain's got an itchy handin' hand!

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