388 - Solar Pioneer Michele Magee on how to Give Power to the world


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Today's story of Solar pioneer, Michelle McGee, is illustrative of the power of a good question. In this case, we learn one question that changed the course of her career. This former Tesla Exec leads us on a serendipitous journey, and explains how now as President of GivePower Foundation she supports global communities in need of power.

Michele's a true serial entrepreneur having launched and scaled seven businesses, and led teams as large as 1400 people over the course of her career. When I asked her what guiding principle helped her launch two different businesses w/her husband, she imparted, "Know your strengths, be respectful of your partner's strengths, and stay in your lanes." I think that advice is fitting for just about any partnership! She's been able to provide strong support & leadership to some of the most iconic businesses in the solar industry. And the lessons I learned from her are too many to list.

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